IE Advanced Network Security

To whom it is addressed?

This training is designed for the people who are going to attend the NetAsq UTM Administrator that follows on the next 2 days.


The attendants should have the knowledge to attend the NetAsq UTM Administrator training after that.


There is no exams.


The duration of the training is 1 day.

Training agenda


What is a protocol, what is TCP/IP, why it was developed

OSI Layers

What and which are the OSI layers. How TCP/IP fits in.


Introduction to the network tool

Layer 2 & Ethernet

Bits transmissions, Broadcasting, MAC addresses, Bridging

Layer 3 – Internet Protocol

Addressing scheme, Subnets, Routing, Address translations

Layer 3 – ICMP

ICMP uses and commands

Layer 4 – UDP

How UDP works

Layer 4 – TCP

How TCP connections work

Application Layer Protocols

DNS – How it works

HTTP – How it works

SMTP – How it works, Basic Email message structure

FTP – How it works

Active Care Support Service Overview

Health Check

We proactively perform periodic health checks in your environment

Virtual Replication

We replicate your environment for troubleshooting and reviewing changes

Remote Support

Our engineers connect remotely to your system for immediate support

Support engineer

You have your own personal support engineer

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